We hire on a rolling basis for every position at the firm - from intern to experienced. We encourage applicants to apply at anytime.

Every role is unique. The descriptions below will give you a sense for how you might best fit at TMG.

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Quantitative Trading

Help the firm build mathematical models based on expert understanding of fundamental market relationships. Steer the trading system in real time, learn and execute disciplined risk management in global markets. Those with a clear passion for markets, a competitive nature, and the willingness to learn typically fit this role best. Technically prepared backgrounds include (but are certainly not limited to) bachelors/masters in finance, economics, statistics, mathematics. It will help if you can analyze data through languages like Python, R, etc. Prep for the interview.

Job Openings:

Quantitative Trader Intern

Junior Quantitative Trader

Senior Trader

Algorithmic Trading

Help the firm implement into code relative value arbitrage trading logic. Integrate this logic with market making strategies and short term models that you will help develop. You will need to be proficient in C++ and Linux scripting will be helpful. Masters, PhD’s in Math, Statistics, and Computer Science are typically the most technically prepared. You will need a strong understanding in computing, mathematics, and probability. The sense for and the drive to learn how to use these tools in a practical, real world setting is what will set you apart. Prep for the interview.

Job Openings:

Algorithmic Trader Intern

Junior Algorithmic Trader

Senior Algorithmic Trader

Trading Platform Software

Help the firm develop quality code. Create and maintain the platform that connects TMG with the financial markets, protects from catastrophic risk, and keeps us at the forefront of technological development. Bachelors, Masters in Computer Science, Computer Engineering are typically most technically prepared. Individuals with hands on experience in designing, implementing performance sensitive embedded and distributed systems (RPC), with a strong understanding of data structures, system programming (socket) in C++, and familiarity with TCP/UDP, Python are who we look for.

Job Openings:

Senior Software Engineer

Infrastructure Technology

Help the firm design solutions for our mission critical trading infrastructure. Maintain and enhance a high performance environment that spans the globe. Build/deploy bleeding edge hardware and automation solutions that save time, reduce technology risk, and service a fast paced and growing firm. Bachelors in a technical discipline (E.E., C.S., etc.) with coursework exposure to systems and network engineering are typically best prepared. You will need to be able to script, preferably in Python. Those with a strong sense of ownership and the drive to keep abreast of latest shifts in technology fit best. Prep for the interview.

Job Openings:

No current openings - however, please follow us on LinkedIn for updates

Business Operations & Development

Help the firm capture operational alpha. TMG is an established multinational proprietary trading company that is growing. We are looking for the right people who will excel in roles in accounting, financial analysis, legal counsel, and operations to propel our trajectory as a leading financial institution.

Job Openings:

Self Clearing Associate