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We have many different and unique talents among our team members, and to maximize their combination we work in close collaboration. We trust in the diverse talents of our members to deliver the best team result. Our teams work closely together to develop and enhance trading strategies, manage risk, improve processes, and explore new business opportunities. 


Every team member has a tremendous opportunity to make an impact in their work and substantially improve our business by using their creative talents. TMG is a well established and profitable business, but also is like a startup because the potential of our group is at least one order of magnitude greater than what we are currently producing. The opportunity before our team is enormous. Trading organizations around the world extract hundreds of billions of dollars in profits each year for the service of facilitating risk transfer and restoring order to prices that inform all economic decisions. The markets will always need liquidity providers; our job is to be the best.


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Team building activities include:

  • Annual Swiss ski trip

  • Company outings throughout the Chicago area

  • Weekly patio parties

  • Daily catered meals

  • Intramural sports

  • Charitable events, initiatives

  • Poker nights

  • Hack-a-thons